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Our Terms and Conditions
Last updated : Aug 24th 2010

Please read this entirely before placing an order as you are bound by these terms once the order is placed.

Nirvana is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

We respect your privacy.The information you provide to us will be strictly kept confidential. We do not store your financial information once your transaction is verified and completed. We prefer you to use PayPal, this way your financial information is never revealed.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to encrypt the transactional information between your browser and's secure servers.

Your email will be used for the duration of the transaction and any formal communications between you and nirvana. Your email address will not be sold or contributed to anyone else.

All payments are in US dollar currency. We currently accept payments by PayPal.

Region Specific Products
Please note in the case of region-specific products such as PAL / NTSC TV/Video Color Regions, digital TV, analogue TV, DVB-T, GSM mobile phones, power outlets, bulb fittings, voltage specification etc. you are responsible for ordering the correct units and we will send you exactly what you order. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept returns due to regional issues with the product.

All our cell phones are unlocked and support multiple GSM frequencies. In order to determine if your cell phone frequency is supported by a provider in your region, please visit

Generally, if your cell phone supports all of the following four global GSM frequencies: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, the phone can be used anywhere in the world.

Shipping times depend on weather the item is free or paid shipping.

Free Shipped Items
Free shipped goods will take between 10-14 days to leave our warehouse and a further 20-30 days to arrive at your destination. If you think these times are excessive, then please do NOT place orders for free shipping.
We ask you to be patient. We ship items in bulk to keep our costs low. Only when the sufficient goods are processed to the destination country can the shipment commence.

Once we provide you a tracking number, the number won't be trackable for 2-4 days. Hong Kong post is very slow to process international shipments. Customs documentation must be prepared and approved.
We ask you to be patient. Once your countrie's carrier (e.g. usps) takes over the delivery will be much faster.

Paid Shipping
Good that have a shipping charge will be packaged and shipped using registered air mail/courier service within the next 3-4 business days after payment is received. Shipping will normally take between 7-15 business days there-after to all major destinations.

The Courier will require a telephone number where you can be contacted, if needed, in order to expedite the delivery.

Some shipments may take longer due to remote locations where delivery is difficult at best, unforeseen circumstances such as customs delay, public holidays in China and the destination Country, strikes etc. which are beyond our control. Free shipped products will always take longer to deliver.

If a delivery is confirmed lost, we will work with the courier directly to obtain information. Once the claim has been completed and not before, a refund or re-shipment will be offered.

A signature will be required by the Courier company for delivery confirmation.

Please email us if you wish to purchase goods for delivery outside North America. We support delivery to most countries (see FAQ's) with some exceptions.

Please note, shipping outside of North America and Europe will take longer due to additional overhead of Payment and Address verification process prior to shipment. Verification can take from 2 to 5 days after payment is received.

Shipping during the Chinese New Year
Expect severe shipping delays during the Dec-Feb months as the Chinese people celebrate their new year and all businesses are closed. We ask you not to place any orders during Nov-Feb unless you do not care about shipping times.

Order Cancellations
Order cancellations are permitted for goods that have not been shipped MINUS the PayPal fee. The Paypal fees are not applicable after 14 days of placing the order. Please notify us via email with the order number that you wish to cancel your order.
We will normally notify you that your order has been shipped via email after a period of 12-24 hours after shippment. Hence when your cancellation is recieved please do not assume that your order will be cancelled. The order may have been shipped and we may not have notified you.

Once your Order is shipped or has been prepared for shipment there is nothing we can do to stop it from reaching its destination. At this point the Order is yours.

We will verify that your order has NOT been shipped before your order can be cancelled. Once we confirm via email that your order has been cancelled, you will recieve your refund MINUS the PayPal fees (if applicable) back to the payment source in 3-5 days.

Modifying Orders
In some cases instead of cancelling an order you may decide to purchase another product. Under these circumstances please notify ASAP via email and we will let you know if this is possible.
Again, refunds for the remaining balance, a PayPal fee will be deducted which must be fully covered by the outstanding balance.

All our products leave our warehouse, with full inspection for any damage and proper QA controls.
Your orders are not insured and we assume no liablility for goods damaged by the Carrier.

Since most of our products come from China and Hong Kong, there may be import duties on top of the price you have already paid for the goods.

Usually these taxes are not very high,and the tax is calculated according to the value of the goods (+ shipping sometimes). On the other hand, many countries do not charge any tax on certain types of goods, or on small shipments. Before placing an order please find out the customs and duties an import of your product to the destination country.

Goods will be accompanied by an invoice (necessary for customs) which states the nominal value of the goods for tax purposes.

The actual process of customs clearance is usually handled completely by the delivery company (e.g. USPS, EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL).If there is any duty (import tax), VAT or other charges to pay, the courier will usually pay it first and deliver the products to you, and you pay them on delivery.

If a delivery fails because you do not respond in time to Customs communications, or you refuse to pay the applicable charges, we cannot offer any compensation.

Returning DOA Products
A DOA or Dead on Arrival product is one that is non functional up to 80% of its potential due to some external damage or some internal problem. Any damage caused by the customer during unpackaging the product will void the warranty and is not considerd a DOA.

You can get a refund (excluding all shipping and customs charges) if the following instructions are followed.
1. Notify us immediately via email or phone (leave a message) that you have received a DOA product within 24 hours of receiving it.
2. Email us, 2 pictures and description of the damaged item no later then 48 hours of delivery.
3. Wait for further instructions as we determine if the defect is eligible for refund.
3. Please ensure that the packaging is intact showing your delivery address and proof that it was delivered by us.
5. Once we have examined the defect and determined it is a DOA item, you will be emailed a return authorization number, (a RA number)
6. Return the product back to our Canadian office with original product packaging the RA number written outside on the Box (not on the original packaging). The cost of any missing items will be dedected.
7. It is your responsibility to provide a tracking number for return shipment. This is for your protection. Any items lost in transit cannot be refunded.

Send the package to our Canadian Office:-

95 Boxwood Crescent
Ontario L3S 3W6

Any items returned to our Canada office without an RA number will incur a 30% restocking charge.
Any items returned to our China/Hong Kong Offices will incur a 100% charge i.e no refund
Any items sent back as RTS (will go to China/Hong Kong) will incur a 100% charge (i.e. no refund) as these items will be considered lost. Our officies in China cannot process return items and have no way to identify where the package came from.
All refunds do not include the original shipping charge, just the cost of the product.

If these instructions are not followed then no refund can be made. Please do not ask us to provide shipping costs to return the product for any reason. Your product is not insured.

Missing Items Received
If you have not received all the items in your order, then please do the following:-

1. Check our web site of the missing item. Is the missing item clearly listed in the packaging and/or our website?
2. If you still think the item is missing, inform us within 24 hours of receiving your order and within 48 hours, send us clear pictures of all the recieved items along with the picture
of the FRONT of the recieved envelope showing your name and address.
3. Send proof that the missing items should have been included in your order.
Some items such as power adaptors for small items are not part of the contents (unless specified on the packagin or our web site)
and are charged directly using a USB attached to your PC.
Send a picture of the item that is missing. This picture should be from our web site or from the packing and must be circled.
4. Describe the missing item.
5. Send your pictures and information via email to: to
6. Wait for our reply with 2 days to confirm that we have received your email.

Pictures that are out of focus and black and white pictures are NOT permissable.
Pictures must be at least 4MP in resolution.
If you do not provide all of the above information in a timely manner or we have not received your email, we will not be able to
provide any solution.

Once we have received this information, we will notify you if we require further information.
We will forward the information to the manufacturer and will await their response.

Once the manufacturer has analyzed the information and confirm that the item is missing, they will send you the item with free shipping to you. We will notigy you via email that the item is shipped. Tracking information may not be available.

However if the request was not received in a timely manner (within 48 hours) or if the manufacturer has confirmed that the item does not come with your order, we will notify you.

Please be patient, as this process will take several weeks to come to a conclusion.

All electronic products come with the manufacturer warranty which ranges from 0 to 12 months from the date of shipment. Please see product description for details on warranty.

Warranty Limitations

Cell Phone Batteries

Your product batteries are covered against faults for the first 30 days only from the time you receive your goods.

Rechargeable batteries can be permanently reduced in capacity if you leave them completely drained for a long period of time. To keep your batteries healthy keep them charged and in use.
Guarantee on Projector Lamp Bulbs

Projector Bulbs

We offer a 3 month guarantee on the projector bulbs shipped with Projectors.

This shorter guarantee period is because the lifetime of the bulb depends on the user's usage and treatment of the device. Please check each product description for estimated lifetime usage hours.

Warranty period begins on the day your order was shipped.

Warranty is void if:-
The Warranty period has expired.
The warranty seal or sticker is damaged.
Defective items being returned do not have original undamaged packaging.

For all products which are sent back as warranty request, we will test the product to verify whether warranty is valid or not.

Returns under Warranty
If the product fails to perform during the warranty period (exclusions apply) , the product can be returned for repair as per below.

We will provide a return Authorization (RA) number once we have received 2 pictures showing the defective item and an accurate description of the problem. Only then can our technicians determine if the item can be returned for repair.

Once you have an RA number you can ship the item back to our Canadian address (see Contact Us). Customer will bear the full cost of returning the product, including any customs charges. Under no circumstances can the product be returned without a RA number.

If the item is returned to our Canadian offices without approval, a 30% restocking fee will be deducted from the total value of the order. 100% will be deducted if more then 3 months have elapsed, since delivery. If the item is sent back via RTS, a 100% restocking fee will be deducted (i.e. no refund), since this will go back to China and and we have no way to track the return shipment. The item will be considered lost in this case and we have no way of refunding you.

All items must be returned to our Canada Office, NOT to China/Hong Kong on receiving an RA number. Any items returned via RTS will return to China/Hong Kong and absolutely no refunds can be provided.
Please ensure that you have a tracking number assigned when returning the product back to Canada. This is for you protection.

Because of the distances involved between Canada and China, and the different time zones the resolution/repair may take several weeks/months. Please be patient.

It is highly recommended that your return shipment has been assigned a tracking number. If your product does not reach our Canadian office, the product will be considered lost and under these circumstances, there is no way to come to a resolution.

Once repaired, your original product will be sent back and the manufacturer will bear the cost of shipping it back to the customers address. No replacement product will be provided unless the product cannot be repaired.

Shipping charges and customs charges are not refundable under any circumstances both for Purchase and returning Products. This includes DOA orders.

If a product develops a fault during the Warranty period and the fault is due to a quality issue rather than your own breakage or misuse, we will accept a return.

Physical damage to a product caused by the user; opening products up, e.g. to repair or modify components; or flashing the firmware or using non-approved software, accident, negligence, misuse, modification, improper voltage, unauthorized repair or alteration - invalidates the warranty.

If the product fails to perform during the warranty period (exclusions apply) , the product can be returned back for repair. We will provide instructions once we have been notified.

All returns must be accompanied with the original packaging and accessories, showing the delivery address.

Customer will bear the full cost of returning the product including customs charges (if applicable). The product manufacturer will determine the best resolution for both parties concerned while the Product is under Warranty.

Because of the distances involved, and the different time zones between your country and the Manufacturer (in China), the resolution may take several weeks. Please be patient.

It is highly recommended that your return shipment be assigned a tracking number. If your product does not reach us, the product will be considered lost and under these circumstances, there is no way to come to a resolution.

Your original product will be sent back repaired and the manufacturer will bear the cost of shipping it back to the customers address. No replacement product will be provided unless the product cannot be repaired.

Shipping charges and customs charges are not refundable under any circumstances, both for purchases and returns.

Before any goods are returned please contact us to receive a RA authorization number for return. No goods will be accepted for return without prior authorization. If goods are returned without an RA number, a re-stocking fee of 30% will apply to the purchase price (not including shipping and customs charges).

No returns are accepted on Software, Video Games, PC Games, DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray disks.

Our Promise
We are here to help you get your products delivered to you without much fuss and at a considerable low cost. Please support us in this endevour. Please contact us if you have a question.

Thank You for your continued support.

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